Cooking with love provides food for the soul

Italian roots


Food is a passion

We are an Italian family, like most Italians we love good food. At Luna Rossa food is our passion. We are proud of our 15 years experience in serving tasty meals. First in Italy and during the last years in Holland. Luna Rossa is known for providing healthy and nutritional food , freshly homemade on daily premises.


Food is our common ground, a universal experience. (J. Beard)

We follow our traditional eating style. It focus on simple, natural ingredients; embracing the influencial fusion – trend, we offer delicious combinations of ethnic food.


Happy Client

I think it is wonderful to have an Italian cantine in the school. I just love my daily cappuccino, not only because the taste is great, but also because I very much enjoy seeing Barbara or Franco, who are very warm and friendly people. Moreover, Luna Rossa has helped me improve my eating habits. Especially the fresh salad bar is one of may absolute favourites. Thank you so much Luna Rossa! 

Karin Zijlstra, 

Librarian, European School

General Coordinator, Alingua